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Find Financial Freedom

Take control of your financial well-being

Progress towards a better future

Setting a clear path to reach your financial goals

Many people feel that their financial lives could be better. Concerns about not having control over spending, suffering from a lack of confidence when making big money decisions, or simply not understanding how the financial world works are all very common. To add to this, there is a great deal of economic and societal change happening, consumerism is an ever more powerful force, and there is an increasing need for individuals to manage their own finances. This means that there is a real need for independent, impartial financial coaching that is suitable for all circumstances.


As a personal finance coach, I am here to help you make positive, long-lasting change to your life by providing support, accountability, education, and ultimately, setting you on a clear path to reach your financial goals.

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Take away the stress of financial worries

I will work with you to tackle the things that keep you awake at night. You have the determination to change but don't know where to start.

Feel empowered and self-confident

You will take away a mixture of tools, techniques and new behaviours that will allow you to make good money choices and stand on your own two feet.

Implement long -lasting change

I will help you make changes that break existing habits and stay with you in the long-term.

Achieve meaningful financial goals

Working with me will allow you to identify what it is you really want, create and commit to a plan and review progress towards your goals.

About Me

I’ve always had a keen interest in money and trying to make it work for me, by researching and analysing financial products, maintaining ever more complicated spread sheets to track budgets and spending, and probably spending far too much time reading about how to invest it!
I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes. Learning from these in the long run has proved invaluable, and I hope that I can help others navigate their way through the times when they feel stuck or not able to see a clear path to their goals. I really enjoy helping people, providing support and guidance, as I have done throughout my professional career in the corporate world. I have strong problem-solving skills, am completely non-judgemental and unbiased, with no financial products to sell or any allegiance to anything or anyone in the financial services industry.
I have successfully undertaken professional training with Wise Monkey Financial Coaching, the leader in UK financial coach training.

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About My Services

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Working With Me

I offer face-to-face coaching sessions either in person in London or UK-wide via video conferencing (Skype/Zoom).


The first step will be a no obligation, free of charge introductory call for 30 minutes. We can discuss what you want to focus on and if we feel we can work together, the next step is an initial 90 minute session to work on identifying your financial aims, reviewing the current situation and developing a plan of action. After that, the number and frequency of further sessions will depend entirely on your situation, appetite and goals.


All information is treated in complete confidence. Fees for face-to-face coaching are £80 per hour.

What Is Personal Finance Coaching?

Personal finance coaching, or as it's sometimes known, money coaching, is a combination of different roles blended together depending on the needs of a client. These range from helping a client achieve awareness, set and achieve goals, facilitating or explaining in order to help understand the financial world, or simply developing new financial capabilities and skills with money.


Importantly, a financial coach shouldn't be confused with a financial advisor. Financial advisors are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and provide specific advice on the sale and purchase of financial products, whereas financial coaches do not do this, and focus entirely on empowering the client to make their own choices.

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Areas I Can Help With

Our sessions can address any aspect of your financial life that you feel you need help with. Most people will fall into one or more of the following areas:


Budgeting, money management and debt - gain better control, tackle the creation or adherence to a budget, or develop a plan to reduce debt.


Strategy and guidance - identifying, prioritising and planning how to achieve goals.


Developing financial knowledge and skills - improving knowledge, confidence and understanding of financial products and concepts.


Relationships, emotions and behaviour towards money - improving your emotional relationship with money that might be a barrier to success.


Investment for beginners - understanding what the options are when considering long-term investment.

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